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A hair story

Bash's grade of hair falls between mine and Swedie.  I was a bit concerned about how his hair would be because it's kind of a toss-up with mixed kids like Bash.  I was prepared for the worst.  In my opinion, the worst would have been that thick, dry, reddish hair that some mixed kids have.  Nothing against those people, but we all have our preferences.  I hope for Bash's sake that he can hold on to a full head of hair for longer than I did.  Not that I hate what I look like or anything, but it's good to have options.  I don't have options.

We (my twin brother Jason and I) did have options when we were growing up.  At my earliest memories I would be excited to get a hair cut from my dad.  I hope Bash has that same excitement because I plan to cut his hair.  The only difference is I'm actually good at cutting hair.  Dad used to jack us the hell up!  And I liked it!  I guess it makes sense because he was my hero and all, but damn, Dad.  Where was my hair line?  Wh…

Daddy Diaries: First Days

It's my first week of this three month journey of paternity leave.  It's still unbelievable that I'm basically getting paid to spend time with my son.  He's a baby, I'm an adult.  This should be easy.  Swedie's been doing it for 10 months.  Of course I can do it!  A guy at my job suggested that I set a schedule.  He had recently been on paternity leave.  He had a different look in his eye.  It wasn't a "it was fun to be off of work with my kid" look.  It was more of a "glad that's over because my kid damn near killed me" look.  I gotta say, I was a bit nervous after talking to that desperate man.

But Bash is cool.  Well he's been cool for those times after work or on off days when I hang out with him.  Shouldn't be a problem.  It turns out this gig isn't as easy as I thought it would be.  This first week has been quite the experience.

Swedie and I are so excited for her beginning school.  My main mission is to give…

Bash is a walker!!!

Sometimes I can't believe I have a kid.  I still feel like a kid myself.  How can I be responsible for another human being when I sometimes don't even feel like an adult myself?  Those questions don't matter though because he's here and I have no choice in the matter.  It's a good thing I have an awesome partner in Swedie.  She has been so natural in the role of Mommy.  It's great to see.  She has a nice routine set for him.  She has all of the midwife appointments logged.  She goes out and buys whatever he and her other child (me) needs to get through the week.  She's amazing!

I've grown into my role as well.  Thankfully, he's not as boring as he used to be.  Either that or I have just accepted that the movie is what it is and I'm rolling with it.  Nah, that's not it.  Bash is so fun!  He has developed some personality and it's been great getting to see it all from scratch.  Each milestone has been a wonder to witness.  I remember the f…

Getting Old: R&B Music Edition

The oldest I feel nowadays is when I hear new music.  It's a conscious thing.  I try to pretend I like it, but I can't help but reflect on "the good old days" when "music was music".  It's basically the oldest thing you can say.  So I don't say it... but I THINK it.  Whenever Jason Derulo says "big fat butt!" I roll my eyes and wish for the good old days of R&B.

I remember when "old people" used to make fun of music that I liked.  They would reminisce and talk about when music was good.  Normally I would chime in as well.  I always prided myself on being familiar with the "Old School".

When I was a kid, I was all about R&B.  I mean, I liked hip-hop/rap, but R&B was where it was at.  I was always really really into some girl and R&B would be the music to help me understand my emotions.  Of course, two weeks later I would like a different girl (standard kid stuff) and a new song would express those newer…

First post of 2015 and some New Year's stuff

I'd like to start off by offering my condolences to you and yours if you lost someone in 2014.  My family here was hit with the devastating loss of two beautiful people that we will never forget.  I can only hope that the memories of those lost can live on in your heart and mind forever.


It's 2015.  I know.  New Year's Day was on a Thursday and I was supposed to release a blog entry that day.  Well I didn't.  So technically the first thing I did in 2015 to my readers is lie to them.  I would say disappoint, but I don't think it was that disappointing.  Bright side: at least the standard for me is low for the rest of the year!

I would love to say that I didn't write because I was too hungover.  Because I partied so hard.  Or that I had to work all day and it was too hectic.  But truth is, I was home before 2:30am (early for me on New Year's) and I was off both New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.  So it boils down to me being lazy.  I was l…