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The Anatomy of a Shower Hijacking

It was almost bedtime.  Bash was asleep and we were enjoying each other's company like parents of crazy 11-month olds do.  Relaxing!  These days relaxing includes cuddling up on the sofa and watching television.  We're almost done with "The Wire" now.  If it was just me I'd be done already, but Swedie wants to get through this one together.  I'm fine with that.  Sometimes you've got to sacrifice.

As with every night, Swedie stopped after a gripping episode and said we can't watch anymore.  She has class in the morning and she needs to be focused.  Way to prioritize!  I was sleepy anyway and I had work in the morning myself.  Bash is a full-time job.  I decided I would take a shower and go to bed.  Sensible decision for a sensible man.

Swedie and I have been together so long that we've gotten over the whole showering together thing.  It was cute and romantic at first, but now it's a hassle.  She likes the water hotter than me, she's not a …

Daddy Diaries: Made it to Week 4!!!

I did it!  I made it to the fourth week of paternity leave!  More importantly, Bash made it as well.  I would say I'm proud of myself, but I still have more than two months to go.  Right about now I feel more confident than ever that we'll make it.

Week 2 wasn't so bad.  Swedie's school schedule was kind to me that week.  That may have been for the best since I almost lost him three days in.  It was nice to spend time together when she had a day off or when she only went in for a few hours.  It reminded me of when he was first born and we had those two weeks with him.  Except now he has a personality.  It's a different kind of magic.  When he was first born it was wonderment that had us stare like crazy people at him.  But he was BORING.  Just lying there all helpless and poopy.  Still somehow entertaining.  Now Bash has so much personality!  He likes to laugh and play.  We had a lot of quality time together as a family during that week.  

Week 3 was last week.  It …

A Surprise Doctor's Visit

I have always prided myself on not getting sick and having few medical issues.  I used to brag about having better than 20/20 vision.  Unfortunately I can't anymore since my left eye seems to be worse than my right eye.  In the past if I had any issues with this remarkable structure that is my body I've just let it pass or ask around for advice.  I definitely wouldn't go to the doctor.  That's a sign of weakness!

Now I'm older and wiser.  You hear too many tragic stories that maybe could have turned out differently if someone would have just gone and gotten checked out when they first noticed something was wrong.  My great-grandmother was unknowingly rubbing BenGay (pain medicine) on a lump in her breast that turned out to be caused by the cancer that eventually killed her.  I have a kid now, so I can't be as reckless as I used to.  If I have an issue now, I won't just keep it to myself.

So Monday I noticed some blood when I wiped after using the bathroom. …