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My Stance On Guns

I found out about the latest mass shooting when I was on my way to the comedy club to do a set.  Great!  Just what I needed to get me in a good mind set.  Thanks Swedie.  I said I wouldn't read up on it just yet.  I didn't want it on my mind.  I walked in and a Swedish comedian nodded to me:

       - What's up bro?  Did you hear about that shooting?  You guys and your guns, man.  It's crazy!

I just shook my head.  It was like I was representing my dumb ass country with their stubborn ass, outdated rules.  The rest of the civilized world is baffled by our stupidity.  This keeps happening and will happen again because we are a gun-crazed society that refuses to change.  The culture is dangerous and the political process is polluted.  The NRA has too much control over the conversation and we eat that shit up because it's "our right".  I hear people shouting out "SECOND AMENDMENT!" without knowing what the fuck they're talking about.  The second…

London, Here We Come!

I had been excited about this London trip.  Bro-in-Law and I had planned to go to London to see our Dolphins play against our rival team.  It would be history.  The first division rivalry game ever played overseas.  We would be a part of that.  We bought our tickets through the Air Force base in England back in March when I visited my brother.  Bro-in-Law has become quite the passionate Dolphins fan. I may have created a monster.

The waiting was over.  The first three games had been played and the Dolphins weren't playing well (only one victory).  London was going to be where we turned it around.  This would be exciting!  More exciting would be getting to see one of my military brothers.  I hadn't seen him in a few years, but he would be there to pick us up when we got there!  Bro-in-Law would get to see what that Air Force brotherhood is all about.

No trip goes perfectly.  We found a STEAL of a deal on our plane tickets.  The flight would be on Ryan Air.  I had flown…