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My first Midsommar

I had heard so many things about Midsommar.  It has to be the most popular holiday here outside of Christmas.  So when it rolled around I was ready to have a good time!  We were going to the summer house and we were going to have a blast.  We headed up to Norrtälje on Thursday.  My wife Swedie  was to be my tour guide of sorts to help me through my first midsommar.

Day 1 The drive was shorter than I expected.  It only took us about an hour fifteen.  As soon as we arrived, I was greeted by the heaviest, most aggressive mosquitos you could imagine.  I figured we were just in some mosquito patch or something, but I was assured by my bro-in-law that this would happen all weekend.  Great.  Now, I'm familiar with mosquitos thanks to South Florida living.  And for some reason I never get bitten up too bad (that plus my inability to get hangovers are my super powers).  So I was ready for this little rendezvous with some pesky insects.  They didn't bite me up too badly, but they were f…