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Second Group Midwife Visit

The morning went smoother this time.  Swedie wasn't so stressed.  We were out of the house in time (like last time) and I didn't forget my gloves.  We got to the office and sat down with time to spare.  A different midwife came out to greet us this time.  She was more mild-mannered.  A tall and thin woman who looked to be in her early-to-mid forties.  She led the group into the horrible shoe removal room.  I was ready today.  I had made sure I had on some good socks.

The group was different this time.  I only recognized one couple from last time and another woman who's husband didn't join her this time.  How dare he?!  There were three other couples and one other woman who was alone.  We went in and shed our jackets and took comfortable seats in a circle.  The midwife had us all introduce ourselves.  I kept it simple this time.

      - Jag heter Jonathan

Swedie went before me so she gave our due date and all that jazz.  This was going smooth.  Today we were going to t…