My Next Chapter: Stand-Up Comedy

Tomorrow is the big day.  I've finally gotten the nerve to get up on stage and try to make people laugh.  I have always been able to make people laugh, but this is different.  The crowd will expect to laugh.  They will want me to be funny.  And if I'm not, they won't laugh and it will be awkward for everybody in the room.  I will be failing in front of a bunch of people that paid to see me succeed.  Oh my goodness, I just got more nervous thinking about it!

But I HAVE to do this.  I've flirted with the idea of trying stand-up for years, but I always chickened out.  I've heard about the incredible rush that you get when you "kill" and I want to experience that.  But I've also heard (and seen) the terrible horror that is bombing.  I've made my friends laugh hysterically and that is like a drug to me.  I can imagine the high I'll get from a room full of people laughing hysterically.  That's what drives me to go through with it.  If it doesn't work out, then at least I got it off my bucket list.

The latest urge to finally do it came when we had a comedian on our podcast a few weeks ago.  I had heard comics in interviews talk about their times on stage and the pros always outweighed the cons.  This comic was talking to me and basically telling me to man up and do it.  He was a natural, though.  I had watched videos of him in preparation of our podcast and he had made people laugh in both Swedish and English.  I can't imagine trying to be funny in Swedish.  Well, actually I have at work and it normally goes terribly.  This guy was a pro.  I guess everybody has to start somewhere.  He told me to make it about myself at first until I get the hang of it.  Just go to rookie clubs with five minutes of material and see what happens.  I said I would, so now I have no choice.  I feel backed into a corner and I want to scream.

On my trip to Italy recently, I tried out a few jokes on my family.  There were definitely those moments when I felt like jumping off of a bridge into a sea of knives, but other than that it was fun.  It built my confidence up.  I had nothing prepared, but that terrifying session helped me decide on the theme of stories I would use when I got on stage.  My brother told me not to think of myself as telling jokes.  Just tell stories.  He sounded like the comedian I had spoken to weeks ago!  They're right.  That also happens to be when I'm at my funniest.  My family full of great storytellers had been teaching me the craft; preparing me for this moment.  I would tell stories I have told over the years to different groups of people.  Stuff I'm very familiar with and that I know is funny.

I contacted a comedy club, name-dropped my new comedian friend and asked how I could get my first set in.  I had to register as a comedian and then book myself a time.  Wow, I would say that I'm a comedian.  This was big.  I had four months to book my first show or I'd be removed.  Four months?!  I booked the next Thursday possible.  I had to do it before I chickened out.  Now with a concrete date I would have to just do it.  I sat with my friend and my stories and worked them into a routine.  I practiced and practiced and now I'm ALMOST ready.  I was at a brunch with my friends and they wanted to see what I had.  I tried it out and that built my confidence up even more.  They laughed!  There was even a couple there that I didn't know that laughed!  This might just work out.

The nerves and anticipation are near their peak right now.  I've always considered myself a funny guy, but now I'm going to be a comedian.  I get chills just saying it.  I promise to update you (possibly with video footage) no matter what happens.  Wish me luck!  Until next time...


  1. BRO!!! Please record this! I can't wait to see it. I'm proud of you!

    1. Thanks! It is recorded. I'll put it up today.


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