Bienvenido a Miami!

Eliza and Bash
For the first time in a year and a half I'm back home!  We didn't go at all last year, so now I was extra hype to get back.  This trip would be all about Bash.  I was concerned that there would be a language barrier that got in the way of the bonding I longed for between him and his American relatives.  He understands English, but would he understand that no one else understands his Swedish?  It was time to find out!

Of course with our luck, Bash came down with a fever the night before the flight.  He was in good spirits (as always) so we just gave him some medicine to get the fever down.  Everything would be fine.  We got to the airport and almost missed the flight because for some reason the airport officials thought boarding early was a good idea.  Don't they understand the concept of CPT?  We had to get some food.  If the flight leaves at 2:55pm, why would they board at 1:55?  Who does that?  The lady came out all mad at us and rushing us onto the plane at 2:30.  I refuse to run if I'm not being chased.  It's not that serious lady.  We got to the plane only to be told that the departure would be delayed. 
Bash had his favorite stuffed animal Björn with him.  He buckled Björn in for the flight and we were off.

Bash has recently been enamored with airplanes and helicopters.  He gets excited to see them and was extra excited to know that we were on one.  I don't think he fully understands the concept that we were going to leave the ground and travel across the Atlantic ocean to the hot and humid place where Daddy comes from.  He looked out the window at the clouds and said his WOWs.  That worked for me.

Bash had a cough that sounded pretty bad, but now it was sounding worse.  It was weird because he wasn't acting sick at all.  To the contrary, he was in a great mood.  He played his games and watched his videos.  He charmed people around us all throughout a fever.  We have the best kid.  Side note: it was funny as hell watching Swedie try to "comfort" Bash as the plane took off knowing damn well that she was scared.  Loosen the grip on his jeans, Swedie!  You're gonna cut off the boy's circulation.

It was great to see our hosts.  Every time we walk into the Holm Home it's like we never left.  We can't ask for better members of our extended family.  Bash warmed up quickly to everyone.  This trip is going to be fun!  Bash's cough sounded worse and worse.  I don't think the flight helped.  He woke up crying from the cough.  After some medicine he would slowly calm down and then doze off again.  It really breaks a parent's heart to feel so helpless as your child cries in pain.  Swedie is the best mom.  She rocked and comforted him throughout the night.  The combination of the time change and the apparent sickness was quite a load for little Bash.  He was powering through it.

The next morning Bash was up and at it before 5am.  Great.  We distracted him a bit and he eventually fell back asleep.  Thank goodness.  We ended up waking up again just before 9am.  When you're up and on vacay... make pancakes!  I feel guilty about how much I missed Walmart.  Seriously, what don't they have?  Breakfast/brunch would turn out amazing.


Pancakes, bacon, cheddar cheese potatoes, eggs and a new invention we call "pancakon" (strip of bacon cooked into pancake batter; try it!).  Oh... and don't forget mimosas.  What's vacay without mimosas?  The day was a lazy Sunday.  Bash was having a blast.  We took him to Eliza's mother's so he could play in the pool.  At first he was clinging to us like a starfish, but by the end of the afternoon he was going in and out of the water with his little floaties on.  There was cold beer, jello shots and delicious hors d'oeuvres.  Summer was here and I was loving it.  What I wasn't loving was this humidity.  I always forget how humid Florida is.  It's nostalgic and that's nice, but I can't help but wonder how I grew up here breathing through my nostrils.  It feels impossible to do it now.  And it's only THE BEGINNING of the summer. 

We went to my aunt's later for a barbecue.  I forget how much louder my family is than Swedie's (and probably every other family for that matter).  I heard the music from the street.  I walked in and poor Bash was terrified.  Music blasting, Spades trash talk and unfamiliar people in his face.

       - HEY BASH!

Bash got scared and started to cry.  I was afraid of this.  He was also sick and extremely tired.  This wasn't going as planned.  Finally someone turned off the music so we could watch the NBA Finals game (ass whoopin' if you want to get technical).  Side note: it amazes me how many people are all of a sudden Golden State "fans" now that they're the best team in the league.  NOBODY cared about them three years ago.  Especially people in Miami that were still Heat "fanatics".  I was so annoyed by all of these people screaming at the TV with passion. So fake.  We decided we'd leave at halftime.  Bash was knocked out.  It was fun joking around with family and friends.  I got a kick out of my Uncle Willie annoying people.  He's very good at that.

We were saying our goodbyes when Bash began a terrible-sounding coughing attack.  Everyone became concerned. 

       - He sounds bad.  He needs to go to the hospital.

Swedie had suggested that earlier.  I had resisted.  He had been in such good spirits.  My instincts were to not go to the hospital.  That would be expensive and a hassle.  Swedie contacted the insurance folks in Sweden.  They'd find the nearest authorized hospital and text her when we were good to go.  A few minutes later they texted a nearby hospital name and address.  The insurance company sent them verification and all we had to do is show up.  What?!  Another win for Sweden.  Woop! Woop!

We signed in at the urgent care center and a few minutes later we were holding a hose in front of Bash while gas crept into his lungs.  I couldn't help but roll my eyes at the financial side of things.  It was like first things first, are we gonna get paid?  Then once that was squared away they put focus on Bash.  The care was fast and great.  We felt the x-ray was unnecessary, but whatever.  Get your money.  Bash got his antibiotics and we were out of there in no time. 

Bash felt a little better the next day.  He still got up at about 4:30.  We had to get out of the house before the Homls hated us.  We went to the park, Walmart and Dunkin Donuts (home sweet home!).  Bash was loving it all.  We saw some ducks at the park and decided next time we'd bring bread.  A HUGE iguana ran towards us and that's when I found out that in an emergency I would probably forget that I have a family to protect.  I screamed and was GONE!  Swedie didn't know what happened. In my defense, the way that iguana's arms were rotating as it ran was completely unnatural and terrifying.  Swedie should have picked up on my social cue and run with me.  I am certain that that poor iguana was left at that man-made lake by a student at the nearby college.  It probably saw humans and thought we were there to rescue it, only for me to run from it.  Poor iguana.

This morning Bash was back in action.  We started the day with some duck feeding.  Turtles came out and the iguana did his creepy wind walk as well.  I wasn't freaked out this time. Then it was off to breakfast at Grandmother's.  Fish and grits hit the spot! I had two plates.  Bash destroyed a serving of eggs.  My aunt Renee came over and it warmed my heart when Bash decided to go on a walk with her WITHOUT us.  He actually told us not to go.

       - Mamma stanna här!  Daddy stanna här!

We obliged and watched them go look for ducks by the lake.  It was beautiful.  Bash was getting to know Daddy's side of the family.  He laughed and played with Daddy's grandmother, aunt and great aunt.  Yesterday he played around with Daddy's favorite uncle.  There's more family to meet over the next two and a half weeks.  Seems like Bash is just getting warmed up.  I can't wait to watch with pride. Until next time...


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