Team dedication

I am a dedicated fan.  I pick a team and I ride for them until the end.  This hadn't truly been tested really until this basketball playoffs.  First off, I'm from Miami and I've been a Heat fan since before LeBron James joined us (yes I said us, I'm a dedicated fan, remember?) three seasons ago.  They're a front-runner now, so lots of people have been "fans" for these good years, but I've been around.  I digress.  The time difference, combined with the insane late ass start of the games means I have to catch the games at 3am here.  So now I schedule my sleep accordingly.

I go to bed for a few hours with my phone set to wake me up 15 minutes before game time.  Then I get up and search for a good online stream on my new favorite website.  Then I put my headphones up so as not to wake anyone.  Side note: gambling and sex web ads probably won't get clicked on by some guy looking up basketball games at 3am.  It's so dumb that those are the pop-ups I have to click through to get to my game.  I'm a dedicated fan, remember?  Of course this is all possible because I haven't started working yet, but I know I would find a way.  I have to see it live.  I could watch it later (and with better quality), but I hate knowing the outcome.

Oddly enough I can watch a game again after witnessing the results live.  That's kind of weird, I admit, but I feel a connection with my teams.  I get invested like it's a relationship, and it is!  I have to distract myself from the results after a loss/pry myself away from the press conference footage and commentary after a win; in order to get to sleep.  It's tiring, but it's totally worth it as a dedicated fan.  I realize that I'm like this about more than just sports though.  An old friend of mine told me years ago that I really go "all in" for what I like.  This was as I told her how she REALLY needs to get that new Common album and then I went into why it's the best thing ever until she said she'll buy it.

That's just me.  Always pushing things that I love onto my friends and associates and anyone who'll listen.  I'll recommend TV shows, movies, restaurants and books to no end.  And I won't stop until I believe you will try it.  But that's only because I can appreciate my good taste.  People should really like what I like.  The world would be so much better.  I'm trying to figure out what I'll do come (American) football season.  The Dolphins play a couple of night games this year.  The nap/alarm schedule shall return.  I'm a dedicated fan, remember?  Until next time...


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