Here goes...

    Everybody has something to say.  Each person feels that what they have to say is important.  Those facts are what made me rationalize starting a blog.  I plan to talk about a variety of things.  I like sports, food, parties, relationships, traveling, politics etc.  So this blog should be pretty diverse.  It'll be more about opening myself up to you, than hearing about a specific topic.  I welcome all to voice their opinions as I learn how to navigate this thing and I guess we're off.

A bit about me:

    As I write this (June of 2013), I'm 30, married with no kids.  I'm from Miami, Florida, but I've lived in Texas, Chicago, Maryland and some other places throughout my childhood.  At 18 I joined the military and got to make the best friends ever and travel a bit.  I also got to meet my beautiful wife, so thanks Air Force!  My wife and I lived on the east coast for six years (Jersey and Maryland) and we recently moved to her home country of Sweden.  I curse too much and I find a lot of shit funny too soon.  I consider myself a social butterfly (yeah I said it!) and I love to meet people.  That's partly what made me start this thing.  The culture here that I've encountered is not so 'meet people friendly'.  People panic if you say hello on the bus.  I'm not shitting you.  So I figured I'd document my thoughts to you, my readers as if we are on the bus chit-chatting away.  I don't know what to expect from this thing, but my goal is to remain disciplined and update it/you regularly on "Expat Jon".  Hopefully you enjoy this.  Our journey begins... NOW.  


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