Did we have the cool kid?

I was going to write about this crazy dream I had the other night, but then I was told that people hate hearing about other people's dreams. You can thank Swedie for that. People also hate hearing about other people's kids, but that's never stopped me before! Here's a little bit about the crazy little guy I call Bash.

I'm starting to think our kid is going to be the cool kid.  I must have been scarred or something in my youth (who hasn't?) because I often wonder what circle Bash is going to be in.  I recently spoke on the podcast about my biggest fear being that Bash is that kid that does magic.  I always found that kid in the classroom/lunchroom with the cape and gloves on doing tricks to be the ultimate cornball.  If that was you or (worse) your kid, I apologize.  It's just my silly opinion. I don't want Bash to be the cornball.  My friends know this now and vow to get Bash hooked on magic.  I'm confident it won't stick.  Not because of pressure from me.  More due to his natural coolness.  

Bash has some swagger.  I walked him to daycare in his stroller his last week and he was leaned over to the side with the ultimate swag.  I had to stop and take a picture!

See!  Look at all of that swag.  I'll admit I'm biased.  He's my Bash.  But dammit he looks cool chilling on his way to daycare.  Imagine when I'm his hero and he sees me driving the car with my full gangsta lean going.  His classmates are going to be in trouble.  He'll see what last generation's cool looks like and add his own flavor to it.  World look out for Bash!

I like watching him play with other kids.  He seems confident already.  He doesn't just play with something because everybody else is playing with it.  I like that.  Make your own road, Bash.  Be a leader.  I've seen kids take toys from him (you can't win 'em all) and he is so cool about it.  He looks at the toy and then moves on.  There are other fish in the sea.  Bash already knows the game.  He's too cool to cry about it.  It will work itself out.  That's my boy.  A future swagged-out leader.  At least in Daddy's eyes.  Until next time...


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