Bash is a walker!!!

Sometimes I can't believe I have a kid.  I still feel like a kid myself.  How can I be responsible for another human being when I sometimes don't even feel like an adult myself?  Those questions don't matter though because he's here and I have no choice in the matter.  It's a good thing I have an awesome partner in Swedie.  She has been so natural in the role of Mommy.  It's great to see.  She has a nice routine set for him.  She has all of the midwife appointments logged.  She goes out and buys whatever he and her other child (me) needs to get through the week.  She's amazing!

I've grown into my role as well.  Thankfully, he's not as boring as he used to be.  Either that or I have just accepted that the movie is what it is and I'm rolling with it.  Nah, that's not it.  Bash is so fun!  He has developed some personality and it's been great getting to see it all from scratch.  Each milestone has been a wonder to witness.  I remember the first time he smiled at us.  I don't mean the first smile.  He had a smile on his face in the ultrasound picture.  I'm talking about the day we were in the bathroom after giving him a bath and he looked up and recognized us and smiled.  Tears filled my eyes as I looked at Swedie and back at our smiling baby in his little blue towel.

I remember when he rolled over for the first time.  I was in such a hurry for everything (as I am now) and I wanted him to just roll over.  He would try.  He would even grunt like he was flexing his stomach muscles to make the tough roll.  Then he finally did it!  Then he kept doing it once he got the technique down.  But then he was just laying there on his stomach.  Next would naturally be a scoot which would turn into a military low crawl which would turn into a full-on crawl.  It's crazy how bad I wanted him to crawl!  I felt like it was a big accomplishment.  Then I wanted him to walk.  I'm never satisfied, right?  Poor Bash, if he plays sports.

Crawling has been Bash's main mode of transportation from point A to B until this day.  He's in his comfort zone.  But my kid is an explorer.  He's quite independent as well.  He used to whine whenever we would take him from a standing position.  He was meant to walk!  He climbs up to a stand regularly and tries to get into anything that is above him.  He loves the bookshelf!  So much wonder and excitement.  And boy does he not sit still!

We knew he would be trying to take some steps soon after we got back from the States in December.  Unfortunately he got sick and didn't want to do anything but rest and be babied.  That's not his normal style, so as soon as he got back healthy it was back to figuring out this walking thing.  He would pull to a standing position and just look around.  He figured out that he really didn't need to use anything to stay up.  He was balancing on his own!  But he was still uncertain.  That's when we, as impatient parents, gave him something to get his mind off of that uncertainty.  Maybe a toy, a spoon, cell phone, hair brush, whatever.  Bash would smile and forget that he doesn't know how to walk.  Then... he would take a step... or two.  Yaaaay!  Here is my little guy walking:

Umm... I would like to say that I didn't know Swedie was filming this video or that he was walking.  She didn't tell me anything!  So I'm in the background reading a Tweet of all things!  I'm glad the video isn't his first actual steps.  As you can see, he has his technique down now.  I digress.

Bash would keep taking his one or two steps for a few weeks with the help of him being more comfortable and us giving him random items to keep his mind off of what he was doing.  It's been so cool to see.  Now he practices walking every day!  I can tell he is getting more and more comfortable.  Bro-in-law was here watching playoff football (that's right, he's hooked!) and Bash decided to show off.  He stood up and clasped his hands together.  Then he took about six focused steps towards the kitchen.  It was like he was smiling at us for the first time in the bathroom again! It was so exciting.  I'm so proud of him.  I know it's nothing special.  Everybody has to do this at some point, but it's someone special.  He's my first child and I get to be overly proud of normal things.

On Monday my paternity leave begins.  Swedie got accepted into a school for Occupational Therapy (congratulations Swedie!!!) so I get to spend some time off from work to bond with my son!  I am looking forward to spending three months with him and watching him develop each day.  I'm sure it's gonna be a wild ride.  And I'm going to do my best to cherish each moment with my little walker.  Until next time...


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