My bad... An update on my life

Okay, I know I've been slipping.  I haven't written since Thanksgiving.  My bad.  I broke a promise to you that I would write once a week.  I had all of these ideas and all types of things have been happening in my life, but I just haven't taken the time to type it out for you in this blog and for that I apologize.  Thanks for sticking by me and reading this one.  I'll do better in 2016.  Here's an update on my life...

This was the first Christmas that I could feel like a real parent.  Last Christmas Bash didn't know what the hell was going on.  He was focused on trying to walk.  Now he's having a daycare Christmas performance.  I actually went to a school performance!  What is happening in my life?  I was excited to go sit in an auditorium and watch kids on a stage messing up songs and dances and key in on distractions for 15 minutes.  Then go home and never watch the video that I made of the whole thing.

This was not that.  For some reason the daycare in cold ass Sweden wanted the parents to stand outside in the freezing cold as our kids trotted out and performed some songs in the doorway at the entrance of the building.  The performance was at 8:30 in the morning.  What?  Why?  I shivered through the entire thing as I stood on a table so I can get a good view over the other parents that stood there looking miserable in the freezing cold weather.  I swear not one parent had so much as a smile on their face.  It was like they were all on the subway waiting to get to their stop.  They were emotionless zombies staring in the direction of their children.  They had come to terms with the fact that this was life and that life sucks.  I found it hilarious.  The kids had no clue about anything.  That was actually cute.  I had a smile on my face because kids are awesome.  Bash was distracted by a candle-shaped light some older kid kept waving in front of his face.  He joined in on some Swedish song I don't know, did some hand movements and singing, then went back to focusing on that awesome light.

After the performance was over, we were all invited to stay for a "fika".  Some coffee and cookies and buns... You guessed it... OUTSIDE.  Why the fuck would I want to CONTINUE to stand outside?  Who comes up with this stuff?  And then I'm forced to stay because I don't want to be rude, but I really want to go home now because I'm a normal human being that doesn't want to stand outside and fake smile and stumble through Swedish sentences in the freezing cold.  Plus, I don't drink coffee.  This was not for me in any way.  Why was this my life?  I hung around for a bit and then did the traditional Swedish thing where everybody leaves as soon as one person leaves.  As soon as that lady left...

       - Well I'm gonna go ahead and get out of here.  Bye Bash!

This year Bash actually got excited about one of his Christmas presents.  He's obsessed with this show called 'Masha & The Bear'.  He wakes up in the morning asking to watch it.  We found a stuffed "Bear" from the show and he got super excited when we helped him open the package.  His jaw dropped and he looked at Swedie to see if this was real.  My heart damn near exploded.

We did the family dinner and gift exchange game thing.  My in-laws are still awesome and a main reason why my transition to Sweden has been a smooth one.  I nailed it with my gift selections this year.  Not an unhappy recipient.  Kudos to me!  I watched "A Christmas Story" as always.  I can't wait until Bash is old enough to enjoy it.  Next year I'm springing that racist ass Rudolph movie on him.  You know, the one with the clay figures.  If you haven't seen it in a while, watch it again and tell me you won't want to punch Santa in his racist mouth.  I can't believe they showed us that shit as a kid every year.

New Year's
New Year's Eve is my favorite holiday.  I've probably said it in previous entries, but it's true.  For the most part, everyone is happy at midnight.  You hear about family arguments at Thanksgiving and Christmas, but never at New Year's Eve. Maybe it's the comic in me that just likes when people are happy and smiling that makes me love New Year's.  I don't know.  I just love it.  This year would be different.  I normally try to party like a rock star, but I don't run my life anymore.  Swedie does.  She decided that we would be adult parents and not bring in the New Year pushing a stroller with a sleeping baby as fireworks explode and we hug and kiss our drunk and childless friends.  This year we would bring it in with other parents and have all the kids playing as we got drunk and shot off fireworks while the kids were asleep in beds (or the couch in Bash's case).

It turned out nice.  We had a bourgie dinner and champagne like some real adults.  We played good music and some games.  Our friends put a lovely evening together for us.  Bash was running around like a maniac and loving life.  All of the kids seemed to have a blast.  My interaction with them is one of fun and fear.  They laugh, but are seconds away from screaming and running for their lives.  I like it that way.  One day they'll love me and my crazy eyes and voices.  Though different, I must say bringing in the New Year this way was awesome.  I love my friends.

I didn't make any resolutions this year.  I did set some goals for myself.  I'm working towards them every day.  It feels better than a resolution that will burn out in March.  Life was good for me in 2015.  I don't want to change much, just improve.  I'm getting more seasoned at standup comedy.  I feel more and more comfortable on stage each time I go up.  I've added new jokes to my set and I can say that I have a good chunk of material that I'm proud of.  Material that "works".  I've made friends in the Stockholm comedy community now.  Things feel like they're going in the right direction.

The podcast has been so fun to do.  I love my co-hosts and I get to learn something new about them every recording.  The process of creating the content and putting it out there has helped me in so many ways.  I'm proud of what we're doing and I know we'll get better and better at it. If you haven't listened to it (um... why not?), check it out.  If you don't understand Swedish, then only listen to the episodes that have descriptions in English.  Those are in English and are hilarious and interesting if I must say so myself.  We release an all-English episode each month.

So that's been my life over the past month and some change.  I have some things on my mind that I'll dump on you sooner than later.  Be prepared for some bloggage! I hope your life has been fun up to here and that 2016 is great so far.  Until next time...


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